30 Quotes That Prove Tyrion Lannister Is The Sassiest Fictional Character

Unless you live under a rock, or have joined the Night’s Watch, you would know that #WinterIsComing. In fact, the new trailer is proof that Westeros is doomed and almost every character faces mortal danger in some form or the other. And while everyone knows that attachment of any kind on this show is not going to end well {yes I am still not over the deaths of Robb Stark and Oberyn Martell}, it is still impossible not to root for one of the biggest {no pun intended} character on the show, aka, Tyrion Lannister.

The Lannisters might not be popular favourites among either book readers or television show viewers. But that is until Tyrion Lannister showed up on the scene and through his skill with words and wit had the power to win over almost anyone. Plus, he is played by Peter Dinklage on the show, which makes him so much more cooler and awesome.

So while many have tried to kill him & write him off, but his brain is his sword and his words are his armour and they always come to his rescue. And aside from the emotional abuse George R.R. Martin’s creation has inflicted upon fans, there are some stellar quotes by this Lannister lion that will make you wish that this character was real, so that you could make him your life guide.


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