35 Quotes By Rumi To Help You Navigate Your Life Better

Name: Rumi
Date of Birth: 30 September
Resting Place: Tomb of Mevlana Rumi, Turkey
Ethnicity: Persian
Religion: Islam

An eminent Persian poet from the 13th century, Jalal ad-Din Muhammad, popularly known as Rumi is regularly described as being one of the strongest pillars to Persian literature, similar to what Shakespeare is to English literature. Both of them are extremely popular even decades after their death, with writing legacies that promote their countries on a global stage. In fact, Rumi’s has such a strong reach through his works, that he is described as one of the best selling poet of all times.

Rumi’s writings speak of everything, from existential angst to love, sex and loneliness, from belonging at physical and spiritual levels to morality and religion to contradictory human emotions and impulses – no stone is left unturned in Rumi’s world. Also, since there are so many people in the world who are living displaced life, these themes of homesickness and longing are particularly poignant and relatable. As new translations come into print, and his work continues to resonate, Rumi’s influence will always loom large in the literary world. His beautiful and inspiring words continue to remind us that poetry can be a sustaining part of everyday life.

Poetic and beautiful, this article is my way of paying tribute to this writer’s beautiful words, that will find an echo in every life. Read through some of his best quotes and fall in love with this incredible poet/individual.

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