6 Posts That’ll Make You Fall More In Love With Hermione Granger

It’s been quite some years since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows hit the book stores , and in the time since, I’ve probably read the entire Harry Potter series multiple times. I finished my most re-reading of the series, a couple of weeks ago and thought it would quench my thirst for all things Potter for a while, but it just sent me running to Pottermore for, well, more. More, more, more! And what I need more of, in particular, is my favourite teen heroine, vanquisher about wizardom, Hermione Granger. So, in the spirit of feeding my Potter love, I’ve spend some time this week contemplating why I love Hermione so ardently. The result, my Hermione top six. I hope it feeds your need for Potter screed.

God bless Hermione Granger who was thrust into a world that didn’t fully welcome her for what she was, but who took that world by the fucking balls and showed everyone who was in charge.
God bless Hermione Granger who refused to let racist assholes ruin the magic for her, who could still smile like that even after shit started getting real.
God bless Hermione who never met a puzzle she didn’t like, who broke the rules when it was important, who burned with ambition and intelligence and devotion and bravery, every single time.
God bless Hermione who was taunted and tortured for her looks and her blood by teachers and schoolmates and death eaters; whose abrasive know-it-all personality tended to tick a whole lot of people off, but who never apologised for any of these things.
God bless Hermione Granger who never apologised for who she was and never allowed her curiosity to be dampened or her beliefs to be put aside. God bless Hermione Granger who fought harder than anyone to carve out a place for herself. They could say or do whatever they liked, but she was Hermione Granger and she was a Muggleborn and she would be damned before she let anyone take that away.

With Harry, Hermione always fit the ‘best friend’ bill better than Ron. She was always there for him, and never turned her back on him like Ron did, and when she made him mad, she was acting in his best interest and he knew it. I will always feel like Hermione is Harry’s true best friend.

I think Ron struggled a lot with feeling inferior to Harry in many ways. I think he struggled with feeling inferior to his brothers’ accomplishments but when Hermione paid him positive attention, he was on top of the world. I think that’s my favourite part about their relationship is that no matter what, Hermione makes him feel like a hero and Ron makes her feel free. I love that. ❤️

Rowling wrote Hermione to eschew stereotypes. She doesn’t end up with the hero; she is never there to function as Harry’s love interest. She prefers Arithmancy to Divination in school. Hermione is also a total badass, despite her prim and proper reputation. (…) So often, female characters are allowed to be aggressive or rebellious, but in exchange are stripped of any traditionally feminine qualities and instead are forced to pick up traditionally masculine traits. However, Hermione is never made to do that. Most notably, she is written to be highly logical and emotionally expressive, a combination not commonly afforded to most of today’s leading ladies.









Can we just talk about how she cast this spell without a fucking wand? Like Hermione Granger confounds Cormac without a wand. Pretty sure the only other person we see doing this in the series is Albus Dumbledore who is the most powerful sorcerer in the world. And then comes Hermione Granger to prove the world wrong and show them that she is the one of most powerful sorceress in the world. Can’t pronounce her name? She’ll blink at you and you’ll wake up in the Sahara desert thinking you’re a cactus.

I don’t understand how anyone can say anything bad about her. She is amazing. Harry and Ron could never have found a better friend. She stood by them through thick and thin. She sacrificed herself for them. She is beautiful and she never flaunts it. I appreciate that. She is smart and although she is a bit of a know-it-all, she is extremely intelligent. She is one of my most favourite fictional characters of all times and nothing anyone says can change that. People say that she did not belong in Gryffindor but I could never see her anywhere else. She is braver than I anyone I know. She stood up to Draco and she is the one constantly encouraging Harry to ‘ignore them’ when times get tough. This makes her so much stronger than what people give her credit for. The word. ‘mudblood’ seeps right through her

She is invincible

She relies on Harry and Ron friendship more than we think. SHE LOVES THEM AND I LOVE HER. {also she slapped Malfoy, so brownie points for that as well}. 

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  1. Even I love Hermione very much to my life and not to mention Emma Watson who brought real life to Hermione character

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