8 Swoon Worthy Pics Of Daniel Radcliffe That Will Bring Magic To Your Muggle Heart

This article originally appeared in Hollywood.com.

For a decade, Daniel Radcliffe captured our hearts, souls and imaginations as the Boy Who Lived when Warner Bros. turned J.K. Rowling‘s Harry Potter saga into the cinematic experience of a generation. From the Sorcerer’s Stone to the Deathly Hallows we watched Radcliffe slay as Harry Potter, and we got to watch as both he and his character moved from boyhood to adulthood. Since leaving the Wizarding World behind him, this blue-eyed babe has continued to shine on both the big screen and the stage. Most recently, Radcliffe hooked up with Vanity Fair Italia, and shot some stunning pictures that our poor muggle eyes don’t deserve to see. Here are 8 swoon worthy pictures of Dan Rad that will bring magic to your muggle heart.

When He Was Dressed To Face The Dark Lord.


Hurry and summon the Room of Requirement, Dan Rad looks ready to lead Dumbledore’s Army 2.0. Seriously, we would follow him anywhere he wants to take us.

Even The Chosen One Needs A Bit Of Downtime.

Are the four poster beds in Gryffindor tower built for two? If so, we definitely have room in our schedule for some cuddle time.

Beard Is Obviously Better.


Thank goodness, Dan Rad wasn’t sporting this hunky beard during Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, we’d have never been able to concentrate on anything else in the films.

If You Can’t Have A Wand, A Sledgehammer Will Do.


We’d like to be that sledgehammer.

This Definitely Should Have Been A Triwizard Tournament Task.


Lifting a ginormous chain is just as hard as stealing a dragon’s egg….right?

Is This What Detention Looks Like?! If So, We Volunteer!


We bet Professor Umbridge wouldn’t have made Harry use that horrid Black Quill, if she knew he was going to turn out like this.



We’re putting this image in our pensieve ASAP!



This is just too much for our no-maj and muggle hearts!