A Marauder Love Story

When the moon is full, three boys sneak out. They bend and break their bodies, reshape their very beings. They spend the night fighting, wrangling for control. They share the bloodshed that used to belong to one boy alone. And in the morning, when the full moon has been banished for another month, they wait for their mangled brother to heal, knowing they have done their duty.

When the moon is full, three brothers return to each other. They live apart now, but for this night they are pulled together by some force that is greater than they know. One leaves his child and wife. One leaves his mask of nonchalance. One leaves his doubt and fear. The boys return to the fight they feel they were destined for. They fight for their friend, for his body, for his sanity. They fight to see some semblance of control returned to the boy trapped in the monster. And in the morning they carry him home and piece him back together.

When the moon is full, one prisoner breaks down. He stares out of his cell window at the white orb. Its light is the only thing he sees. He leaves his body and travels back through years of blood and teeth and pain. When he returns he remembers the reason his heart beats, the reason his blood still moves. He remembers that he is innocent, that his love is suffering, hating, and in pain. He remembers that his love needs help, needs information. And in the morning he is renewed, ready to fight another month.

When the moon is full, two men fight. They aren’t together anymore, not in any of the ways they used to be. But they still tear each other apart, tear themselves apart. One is afraid of another night of pain, afraid that this time he might not wake up. The other is afraid that if he doesn’t return to his old habits he will never remember that he is alive again, that he can feel again. And in the morning they return to dancing, skirting around each other, too afraid and too tired to fight any more.

When the moon is full, one man is alone. He has someone waiting at home, but he wants to protect her the way his friends protected him. Only, his friends are gone now, and the beast inside of him rages on. He wins himself, hurts himself beyond recognition. And in the morning she comes to pick him up, put him together, and he hides from her worried eyes.

When the moon is full, a little boy stops. He gathers memories, photos, sweaters. He makes a shrine to a man he has never met. He doesn’t know how bad it was. It will never see the blood. He only knows that on this day his father suffered, and so he stretches himself to look like the photos he uses as surrogates. And in the morning he hides them away again, leaving the gap alone for another month.

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