Albus Dumbledore: A Special Tribute To My Favorite Teacher

In our lives, many of us are fortunate to come across teachers who strive to inculcate in us the right values and ethics. So while I have been lucky to have teachers in my school who were extremely nice and passionate about their job, today I would like to pay my tribute to one of the most memorable teacher in the world of fiction. Albus Dumbledore was and will remain for me one of the most inspiring and motivational characters that I have ever come across. He was an advocate of equality- human or creature. (I will forever be grateful for the manner in which he treated Lupin because I am sure that Lupin would not have turned out the way he did had it not been for Dumbledore; I also love him because he employed Dobby). He was the voice of hope and strength when the wizarding world was fighting its most dangerous and darkest battles. He believed in fair play and inspired me with his pursuit for knowledge at every stage. He hoped to create a place where everyone was safe and could live without the fear of judgement, ridicule, persecution and judgement. He will always be someone I will always admire because he taught me so much about life, love, trust, equality, happiness and hope. That is not to say that Dumbledore was without fault but that he chose to rise above them So this is to the most wonderful headmaster at Hogwarts, Harry’s dear friend and guide, and above all the greatest wizard we’ve ever known—thanks for all the lessons.

So here are some quotes by Dumbledore that continue to inspire and encourage even today because he always knows the right thing to say when we’re feeling sad or confused about things that are happening around us.

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So in the end I would just like to thank you Sir, for all the amazing lessons. I hope I can live up to your teaching in every area of my life. 🙂

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