My Favorite Quotes From The Kite Runner

I have read the Kite Runner a multiple number of times. And every time, I start reading the book, I run my hands over the cover, over the embossed letters that read, The Kite Runner. And after I have finished reading the book, I have no words to explain my feelings.

Those letters that read, The Kite Runner mean so much to me. Those letters have had such a deep impact on my life, that I can never put it into words.
So what do I feel after reading the Kite Runner?
Above everything else, love. I feel immense love towards the characters of this book. From Hassan to Amir, the Sultans of Kabul to the understanding Rahim uncle to the distant Baba, I loved every character from this book.
And I feel anger, towards everything that went wrong in their lives. I felt disgust at what happened and what should never have happened.
I feel horror, that is not macabre, but so vicious, so cruel, it hurts. An undercurrent of anguish haunts me whenever I think about this book.
And I feel a lot more.
And I feel a lot more, that I just cannot put into words.
For you, a thousand times over.
And yes, I did cry not just the first time I read it, but even after multiple readings, I still cry as this book haunts my imagination, like no other book.

Here are some quotes from the book (in no particular order), that reminds me that some stories truly leave footprints on your heart and mind.

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