Dreams By Langston Hughes

This magical poem by Langston Hughes is a simple yet poignant reminder that our dreams are what truly sustains, strengthens and empowers our life. Though this is a short poem, […]

Remember By Joy Harjo

Since the evolution of poetry, many of literature’s greatest poets have strived to pay homage to nature through their words and poems. From a single dew drop to the starry […]

The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost

For me, The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost isn’t just any poem. I believe that this poem plays a unique role not simply in American literature, but in American […]

Your Children By Khalil Gibran

Some words pass through us quickly and vanish into air, while others burrow themselves into our heart and minds, thereby changing not just our lives but our opinions, thoughts and […]

The Paradox Of Our Time By Dalai Lama

The beauty of this poem by Dalai Lama is that it expresses in a very clear manner, why our generation is failing to create meaningful life in the true sense. Because […]

Still I Rise By Maya Angelou

This was one of the first poems by Maya Angelou that I had ever read. She really made me proud of being a women and I believe that almost all her poems […]

If By Rudyard Kipling

Some poems stay with you long after you have finished reading them. I first read If by Rudyard Kipling when I was in school. Till today, it is one of […]