Top 5 Books You Must Read This Summer

This article originally appeared on LBB. Bring on the mountains. Bring on the beaches. Bring on the barbecues. But more importantly, bring on the books. Summer is almost here and with […]

My Top 10 Fictional Crushes

The best part about reading books is falling in love with some amazing fictional characters. In this article, I am going to talk about some of my biggest fictional crushes. […]

A Marauder Love Story

When the moon is full, three boys sneak out. They bend and break their bodies, reshape their very beings. They spend the night fighting, wrangling for control. They share the […]

Because Terrorism Has No Boundaries

This article originally appeared on Without question, I mourn for Paris’ recent victims and their families — and I would never claim knowledgeable firsthand experience of the same. But I refuse to […]