My Top 10 Fictional Crushes

The best part about reading books is falling in love with some amazing fictional characters. In this article, I am going to talk about some of my biggest fictional crushes. My list of fictional crushes might be endless but choosing a few favourites is fun, I guess. It gives me an opportunity to learn something new about myself while at the same time trains me to choose the best among the best. Two birds with one stone. 🙂

So without further ado, let us get down to business. I will try my best to avoid too many spoilers, but trust me its hard to talk about these characters without a bit of context. You have been warned.

Oberyn Martell and Tyrion Lannister,  ASOIAF by George RR Martin
There are a number of awesome characters in the world of Game of Thrones, but when it comes to sheer awesomeness, The Red Viper of Dorne is pretty damn near the top of the list! Oberyn Martell  made his first appearance in A Storm of Swords when he travels to the King’s Landing in order to avenge the death of his beloved sister, Elia Martell, who was savagely killed by the Gregor Clegane (also known as the Mountain) almost twenty years earlier.  Alas, much to my disappointment, his quick wit, temper, sexual appetite and skills with daggers and lances were not enough to save him in the battle against the Mountain. (His hope for revenge was rudely dashed). As a lover and a fighter, Oberyn Martell was an extremely amazing character who ushered in something new to the King’s Landing and stirred up some real excitement in an already amazing story.
PS: Pedro Pascal is hot. I cannot think of anyone better to play that role. His accent and personality on the show made for one truly memorable performance.
It would be criminal of me if I leave ASOIAF, without mentioning Tyrion Lannister. Of all the wonderful characters that are a part of this series, Tyrion Lannister is truly a head above the rest. (Ironic considering he is a dwarf) A total badass at every point in the book, Tyrion is one of the very few characters who I loved right from the beginning itself. There are so many great Tyrion moments, but this display of brazen badassery is epic in every way.  Yeah, I think I’m not alone when I say how awesome Tyrion is. I can’t wait for more witty banter and quick-thinking from the “Half-man”, as he is sometimes called in the future books as well. A true survivor to the core!
PS:  I think Peter Dinklage was born to play this role. He is so amazing as Tyrion Lannister that I cannot imagine anyone else playing this character with so much conviction and realism. Well played Dinklage, well played.
I love Jon Snow and Robb Stark as well. They are top in my list of crushes but due to lack of space, I am leaving them out of this particular list.

Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
My crush on Sirius Black goes back about fifteen years or so. Oh my goodness, how I fell in love with Black as a teenager! Funny thing is, he’s really not in that many pages in the books (at least, not as many pages as I’d wish him to be!), but he doesn’t need much time to charm a girl. And despite the fact that Rowling killed him off way too soon, my heart will always beat for this Marauder!
Another crush from the same book is Sirius’s mate, Remus Lupin. Remus is the complete opposite of Black. While Lupin was calm, Sirius was loud. While Lupin was vigilant, Sirius was reckless. While Lupin was an introvert, Sirius was a complete extrovert. While Lupin was diplomatic, Sirius was tactless. But with all their faults and flaws I love both these characters from the bottom of my heart. They were strong friends and their love and loyalty truly inspired me. Plus Lupin loves chocolates and he was the perfect teacher, which makes it difficult not to fall in love with him. Everyone makes mistakes, very few have the courage to accept it and learn from it. These two Marauders figure very high on my crush list, especially because I have been crushing on them for a very long time.
PS: I had a big crush on Fred Weasley in the books as well. But again, due to lack of space, I am not going to talk about him here.


Willem, A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara
To say too much about Willem would ruin the story for those of you who haven’t read it. (Why haven’t you read it yet??) Willem is handsome, he is loyal, he is trust worthy and beautiful in every sense. It just took me a few pages into the book for me to fall in love with him. The way he cared for Jude and was willing to fight with him against the world, showed that he is truly a man made of dreams. His compassion and his love truly made me fall in love with this character. Though this book is a tragic story, it is a story that completely touched my heart in so many different ways.

Maven Calore, The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
Okay so who does not love a bad boy? Right from the beginning I knew there was something amiss about Maven in the Red Queen but he was still such a smooth and seductive character. Actually he is one of those characters who people warn you to stay away from about but when you encounter them, there is something extremely irresistible about them. I don’t know – his story probably isn’t for everyone, but he won me over with his charm and bad boy attitude.

Max Vandeburg and Rudy Steiner, Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Two very beautiful characters! Max Vandenburg stole my heart and I really loved his character from the Book Thief.
Max, like Liesel, comes to the story fresh from experiencing immense loss and trauma. He feels extremely guilty for leaving his family to save himself, an act he sees as a choice rather than a necessity to survive. He also feels ashamed of the burden he places on the Hubermanns since he knows that he is putting them in serious danger by being in their home. He is often conflicted between his desire to stay alive and his wish to make life easier for the Hubermanns by leaving, but ultimately he knows leaving would likely mean his death. Despite everything, his wish to live is strong, and he fights to stay alive against the cold, malnourishment and illness as he hides out. In fact, it is his fighting spirit that defines Max’s character to a great degree. As he lives isolated in the Hubermann’s basement, he imagines literally fighting Hitler and countless Germans, and even as he’s pummeled in his imagination he struggles on. We also learn that he used to fight a boy in his neighbourhood, and though he rarely won, he never gave up. Later he is led to the labor camp at Dachau, and though we don’t see his experiences there, there’s little doubt that he still had to fight to stay alive. The only time Max seems not to be fighting is when he is with Liesel. In those instances he is suddenly very soft and kind. I completely loved his character because despite his loss, his love for life and strength of character is something that really made him stand out in the crowd.

Rudy Steiner is one of my other crush from the Book Thief. He is loveable, caring and strong.  And above all he stands up for what is right. Whether it is his love for Liesel, his hatred for Hitler, or his strong morals, he never fails to stand up. Rudy is a smart ass, stupidly brave, and fearless in the face of danger. He defends Liesel’s honor, not only because he has a major crush on her, but because he’s a ruthless friend.The amazing way he balances maturity and a completely endearing sense of humour made me fall head over heels in love with him. While his death completely shattered my heart, this boy is still one of the best things in the entire book!

Mark Watney, The Martian by Andy Weir
When I first meet Mark Watney, he  was an average, run-of-the-mill botanist. Nothing special. By the end of the novel, however, he is the ultimate hero.  Although Mark didn’t choose to be stranded on Mars, he made the best of the situation he was given, using his personality, intellect, and determination to fight his way out of an impossible bind. A hero who makes it despite the odds is the one for whom everyone falls. Mark Watney is definitely the person who can do anything and that is why he deserves to be on my list of incredible fictional crushes.

Tsukuru Tazaki, Colorless Tsukuru Task and His Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami
Murakami’s fictional heroes totally deserve a spot on this list – and it’s hard to pick just the right one, since they’re all so dear to me! I will freely admit to some bias, especially towards Tsukuru and Kafka because they were the first few characters that I discovered, while reading his books. There is a beauty in Murakami’s writing and it is impossible not to fall in love with these magical yet flawed characters.

Rhett Butller, Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
I read Gone With the Wind when I was in school and it was in this book that I discovered probably one of the first fictional crushes in the form of Rhett Butler. He’s a “smart guy” with huge dreams and hope for the future. Not only does he have a pragmatic view on love, he is practical and I love the manner in which his and Scarlett’s relationship develop in the books. Rhett Butlter is just perfect.

Atticus Finch, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
If you say that you have read To kill a Mockingbird and did not fall in love with Atticus Finch, then you are definitely lying.  A father to two children, he was the perfect father and idol that anyone could ask for. He stood for truth and justice, even at the risk of losing his life and privileges. I think the way that he fights so hard to do the right thing is what makes him so appealing and irresistible in my eyes.


Tariq, A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini
This is one of my favourite Khaled Hosseini books and Tariq is by far one of the few characters who I really liked. Not only was he completely besotted by Laila, he was willing to fight with her till the end. Even when things did not go as planned, he came back and showed me the true meaning of love and loyalty. His love for her is so tender and that is why Tariq truly deserves to be on my list.