Severus Snape: 20 Amazing Lines And One Incredible Character

Snape is like a puzzle-box of a character, layering secrets and riddles over a heart that remains hidden until the very end. Let’s face it: even the sneering, supercilious outermost layer is a delight to behold, coupled with Rickman’s distinctive delivery squeezing malice out of every word (listen to his “Turn to page 394” in Prisoner of Azkaban). And then there is one of the most shocking moment in the Half-Blood Prince, when he lashes out at the one man who always had faith in him. But there were more secrets to be revealed and it is only by reading the entire series that we can have a complete understanding of Snape’s character.

Considered as one of the best characters in the series, Snape is a testament both to Rowling’s writing and Rickman’s amazing capacity as an actor. No other actor in the world could have portrayed Snape in the manner that Rickman did. I believe he truly deserved a Oscar for his portrayal of this amazing character.
Trivia: JK Rowling said that Dumbledore allowed Snape to bully pupils because Dumbledore believes that, “There are all sorts of lessons in life … horrible teachers like Snape are one of them.”

Here are 20 amazing quotes from Severus Snape that prove that he is literally one of the most impressive interesting and popular literary characters of all times.