Why Every Child In The World Must Read Harry Potter

As a true Potterhead, I promise that I will be reading the Harry Potter series to my children. 


Because it is going to teach them some important lessons about things like morality and how things can never be really split into black and white. We have so many layers in us, so dismissing someone as evil and bad in the beginning itself is judging someone very fast.


Sometimes evil and goodness hide in us almost all the time.


Because sometimes it is important to understand that we do not have to live with people who make our lives miserable, even if they are our so called family.


After all family are the people who choose us and stand beside us, despite every difficulty and problem.


Because whatever happens, your true family will never leave your side.


These books will teach children that appearances can be really deceptive and that judging a book by their cover is a completely futile effort. 


They will teach children that their first opinions can be completely off the target.


But sometimes they can be bang on target.


They will show children that courage in the face of fear is one of the most valuable traits that we can ever possess.


And that loyalty is a virtue that will help you stand out from the crowd.


And that wisdom and the courage to be yourself will be the best gift that you can give yourself.

Luna Lovegood

And that ambition or a house does not define the characteristics of a person.

These books will teach them that sacrifice and love will always triumph over prejudice and hate.

Lily-Potter Mother

Because even research has proved that readers of Harry Potter are more tolerant and loving towards others.

These books will teach them that it is our choices that make us better people, irrespective of our abilities.


And our golden trio will teach them lessons that will help them throughout their lives. Hermione will teach them that intelligence is a trait that can save them from  a lot of problems.

At the same time, she will teach them that it okay to have fun and enjoy the small moments of life.

yule ball

While Ron will teach them that love and friendship are the best things in life.


And Luna will teach them that the opinion of other people is completely over rated and that we should always celebrate our individuality and uniqueness.


These books will teach them that imagination is the key to living a creative and happy life.


The Weasley twins will show children that laughter can cure almost everything in the world, even in the most tiring and difficult of times.


It will teach them that our loved ones will always be in our heart and inspire us in the journey of life, at every step.


But above everything, it will teach them that the world is a magical place, if only we believe in the magic of our deeds and words.


And love will always remain the most powerful weapon in the world.


And of course, Harry Potter will invariably make children fall in love with reading, giving them the greatest gift of all.