Fathers, Love Your Daughters by Lena Hovanesian

A girl’s father plays a very important role in her life, right from the time that she is a little girl to the time she becomes a grown woman. This poem written by Lena Hovanesian not only depicts the power of a strong bond between a father and daughter, but is also an ode to the strength and character of a women.

I found this poem while browsing the internet one day and feel that it is amazing how much this poem depicts in such few lines. Also, this is a special dedication to my father who I believe is one of the most genuine and trustworthy person on the planet. I am grateful that God has given me such an amazing person who inspires and strengthens me, in every way possible.

Have a look and let me know what you thought in the comments sections.

Fathers, Love Your Daughters by Lena Hovanesian

Fathers, love your daughters,
for a daughter is a priceless treasure.

Show her that in your heart, no one could ever replace her.
When she’s hurting, share in her suffering.
Encourage her when it’s hope that she is lacking.
Believe in her dreams, as far fetched as they may seem.
And when she wants to fly, give her wings

She needs the strength of a man who loves her unconditionally,
to become the woman she was meant to be.
When this world is too much for her to take,
she should feel comforted in your loving embrace.
When she is looking for self acceptance,
tell her that in your eyes, she is pure perfection.
When vultures make her their prey and try to destroy her heart,
protect her from their shameless attempts, as they plan and as they plot.

Do not neglect her when she is in need…
No, don’t turn a blind eye to her suffering.
That will hurt her heart more than you could ever believe.

Fathers, love your daughters,
for she is a gift from Heaven above.
You’d regret ever missing out on her precious love.
But if you should choose the path of selfish ambition over fatherly dedication,
she will always live with the consequences of your decision.
In this big world full of people, she will feel lost and afraid,
because she never had a father to make her feel safe.

She will doubt herself and her ability to succeed.
In her mind, she’s inadequate and that’s why you chose to leave.
The emptiness in her heart will grow deeper through time.
In her quest for fulfillment, quick fixes are all that she will find.
The weight of the world will now rest upon her shoulders,
as she tries to clean up the mess you left behind just for her.

She will feel alone through the madness and devastation,
and when she reaches out to you, you won’t listen.
Trusting people will undoubtedly become hard.
She will rarely let down her guard.

She won’t believe that she could be loved by others,
because her own father was incapable of loving her.

It may seem like she will never recover from the aftermath of all these things,
but be aware that she’s made of a hope that’s everlasting.
Through the pain, her heart will soften and grow tender.
Through the hurt, she will become sweeter and even kinder.

She will learn how to survive on her own.
Through each adversity, she will flourish and grow.
She will learn to love herself unconditionally,
and finally believe she is good enough for all of her dreams.

She will find strength in every tear,
and be a blessing to those she keeps near.
She will forgive you, because she’ll understand,
that deep down inside, you’re just a broken man.

And when she meets the right man who shows her the love she’s never seen,
she will cherish and adore him with her entire being.
She will know and understand, that all of this was a part of God’s divine plan.
She’ll realize her Heavenly Father who remains unseen,
was there all along, molding her heart, preparing her for her dreams.
(In His eyes, she’s a queen)

So fathers, whether you love your daughters or choose not to care at all,
she will still be triumphant, against all of the odds.
Written By: Lena Hovanesian

Note: I do not own any aspect of the poem. I only shared it here because I believe that good content should be shared and must reach as many people as possible.

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