Hi people:)

Musings of a Reader was started in May 2014. After spending many months discovering a range of amazing blogs I decided that it was high time that I created my own. Besides, I felt that this blog would be the ideal medium for me to share with you books/characters that have touched my lives in some way or other. Ever since, i have started blogging, I have really enjoyed the entire process, as it is really creative and engaging. So, I have high hopes that Musings of a Reader will continue for many more years in the future as well.Also, I want to tell you guys that I generally do not  review every single book that I read. I only review those books that I really really LOVE or those books to which I share a very special connection.

The only reason I do this is because, I would like to keep the tone of my blog as positive as possible. Besides, I feel that I am a very moody reader, so I am on a constant lookout for books/characters that connect to me on a very personal level. That cannot happen with every book, and this blog is generally reserved for those books/characters where the connect does happen.

This is the rating method that I generally follow for the book reviews:

5 stars
This book is absolutely perfect. It is flawless in every way. I would have had a great time reading them.  Each and every character in the book would have connected with me and reading this book would easily have been equal to living a whole new life. These books would be on my list of favourite books but if you counted all the books I gave five stars too, I think I would end up with many favourite books. 🙂

I would recommend this book to everyone and even after multiple readings, never get over it.
4 stars
This book is great. I really enjoyed reading them. I might have a slight problem with the characters and style of writing but that would just be a minor issue. These books despite their flaws would be a good read and I would easily recommend them to my family and friends. I would not read them again though.3 stars
 This book is fine. Their is nothing extraordinary about it. The characters would not have connected with me and even though it is not the ideal read, it could still be enjoyed if read in the right mood. These books are not very memorable and I generally give this rating only after a lot of thought. I would leave the choice to the reader as to whether they want to read the book or not. Also, if I rate a book that is part of a series three stars, there is a rare chance that I will read the rest of the books. In short, an average book.

2 stars
A less than average book, the plot here is inconsistent in terms of both story line and character depiction. This book has failed to meet my expectations and I would  recommend everyone to give these books a miss. 

I know that many people may not agree with my method of reviews, but i guess every person has their own style of reviewing books. I truly respect that, just like I would like others to respect my work. That being said I would love to know your opinions as well. So please feel share to connect with me at any time.