Be The Change That You Wish To See In The World, Mahatma Gandhi


Bid farewell to the pain of your smartphone falling flat on your face the next time you stay up late, read your Kindle books, binge-watch your favorite show on Netflix, or text your crush.

Made of plastic with a collapsible form and a perfect grip, this pop socket is a great way to ensure you can use your phone without dropping it. Stick it to your phone and use it as a grip, stand, mount, or wind your earphones around it. Prop it up.

Collapsible Form – Pull out to form a stand, collapse it, and slide it into your pocket. It is made from impact-resistant material, reinforced for extra strength.

Lasting Prints—These prints are Printed with high-definition inks and equipment to ensure they last a lifetime and meet the highest possible standards.

Compatible – Compatible with all mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, and other devices.

Strong Adhesive – Adhesive on the back sticks to your phone like its own. It provides the perfect grip and does not leave any marks when removed.

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Crafted with precision, these Pop Sockets are daily reminders to channel your inner change-maker. The profound quote, “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” encapsulates the spirit of transformation and individual impact. Attach one to your device and carry this mantra, embracing Gandhi’s timeless wisdom.

These Pop Sockets become a statement piece, not just a stylish accessory, symbolizing your commitment to positive change. The durable design ensures longevity, reflecting the enduring nature of the change you aspire to embody. With each grip, let the words resonate, motivating you to take impactful steps toward a better world.

Whether scrolling through your favorite literary quotes or navigating life’s challenges, let our Literary Pop Sockets be your companion in making a difference. Be inspired, be stylish, and above all, be the change. Attach, grip, and carry the transformative power of words wherever you go.


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