Progress, Not Perfection


Express your bookish passion with our incredible range of literary stickers. Elevate your style and embrace the wisdom of literary characters and books. Stick them on laptops, notebooks, or any surface to infuse magic into your surroundings. They are a must-have for every book lover’s collection.

This artwork will be digitally printed on a matte vinyl sticker. It is easy to remove and residue-free.

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Size: 3×3 (inches)
Material:  Vinyl

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The literary sticker bearing the phrase “Progress Not Perfection” encapsulates a profound philosophy of personal growth and resilience. It is a gentle reminder that the journey toward improvement is not defined by flawless execution but by incremental steps and continuous effort.

“Progress Not Perfection” speaks to the inherent value of perseverance and resilience in the face of setbacks and challenges. It acknowledges that perfection is an unattainable ideal and emphasizes the importance of embracing the learning process and celebrating small victories.

Moreover, this literary sticker fosters a mindset of self-compassion and acceptance, reminding individuals to be kind to themselves as they navigate life’s complexities. It encourages them to focus on their progress rather than dwelling on perceived shortcomings or failures.

In a world that often glorifies perfectionism and achievement at any cost, “Progress Not Perfection” offers a refreshing perspective. It highlights the beauty and significance of personal growth and self-discovery and poignantly reminds us that true fulfillment comes not from reaching an arbitrary standard of perfection but from embracing the journey of continuous improvement.

Adhesive Backing: Our stickers come with an adhesive backing for easy application on various surfaces.

Durable Material: Made from durable materials, these stickers are resilient to wear and tear.

Vibrant Colors: Our stickers are printed with vibrant colors, making them visually appealing.

Weather Resistance: Our quality stickers are designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring longevity.


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