I Love You Like Murakami Loves Cats


This stylish and durable mug features a sleek design and high-quality ceramic construction, ensuring your morning potion stays hot and flavorful.

Some key highlights for this Murakami inspired ‘literary’ coffee mug:

  • Ceramic
  • 11 ounce (330 ml) capacity
  • Gloss finish
  • Printed with 3D sublimation technology
  • Microwaveable and dishwasher safe

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Dive into the whimsical and enigmatic world of Murakami fandom with our captivating ceramic mug, declaring, “I love you like Murakami loves cats.” This mug is a delightful homage to the celebrated Japanese author’s affection for feline companions and the unique charm they bring to his literary creations.

Crafted from high-quality ceramic, the mug seamlessly blends durability with a touch of literary quirkiness. The elegant design features the endearing text, inviting you to embrace the profound and often mysterious connections found in Murakami’s works.

The comfortable handle ensures a secure grip, allowing you to savor your favorite beverage while immersing yourself in the cozy and contemplative atmosphere inspired by the author. Whether you’re a seasoned Murakami enthusiast or a newcomer to his captivating tales, this mug becomes a charming and meaningful addition to your collection.

Celebrate the magic of literature, the love for cats, and the enchanting storytelling of Haruki Murakami with every sip. Let this mug be a whimsical expression of your affection, reflecting the author’s distinctive blend of reality and surrealism. Elevate your tea or coffee ritual and declare, “I love you like Murakami loves cats,” with this delightful and literary-inspired mug.


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