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Made of plastic with collapsible form and a perfect grip, this pop socket is a great way to ensure that you can use your phone without dropping it.  Stick it to your phone and use it as a grip, stand, mount or wind your earphones around it. Prop it up.

  • Collapsible Form – Pull out to form a stand or collapse it and slide it in your pocket. Made from impact-resistant material, reinforced for extra strength.
  • Lasting Prints – Printed with high-definition inks and equipment to ensure the prints last a lifetime with the highest possible standard.
  • Compatible – Compatible with all mobile phones, tablets, e-readers and other devices.
  • Strong Adhesive – Adhesive on the back sticks to your phone like it’s own. It provides the perfect grip and yet does not leave any mark when removed.

Bid adieu to the pain of your smartphone falling flat on your face, the next time you are staying up late, reading your Kindle books, binge-watching your favourite show on Netflix or texting your crush.

This pop socket is inspired by our love for reading. Growing up reading was our favourite pastime and books were my favourite companions. The experience of childhood is one of discovery, of newness and exploration; children go through a series of rites of passage, work together to solve the mysteries of the complex world and experience the first pain of betrayal when it’s revealed that people aren’t always what they seem. All of those firsts are poignant, raw experiences that stay with us for the rest of our lives. Books hold a similar power, especially during our growing years.

Books read in childhood do actually change our lives. They provide us with an escape and an opportunity to learn.  Not just that – books also expand our imaginations and give us the experience of life while we are still figuring out how to live it. It’s easy when thinking about this to feel a sense of loss, because for adults the act of reading, while pleasurable, is not exactly new. But there is a recipe for getting back that fresh feeling of discovery: pick up your favourite childhood book, and open it to page one.

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