Read A Book, Switch On Your Brain


Unleash the power of knowledge with our “Read A Book, Switch On Your Brain” Sticker! This vibrant and motivating accessory is a colorful reminder to engage your mind through the magic of reading. P

eel, stick, and instantly infuse your surroundings with intellectual energy. Whether adorning your laptop, notebook, or favorite reading spot, let this sticker inspire a mental switch-on, urging you to embark on literary adventures that activate your intellect.

Elevate your daily routine with this witty and insightful sticker because every page turned is a switch flipped in the dazzling journey of expanding your mind.

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When we watch television or a movie, all the information is given to us on the screen – there’s nothing we need to imagine. A book in its pure form is just words on a page, and our minds have to do the work, imagining the words coming to life. This does wonders to develop our creativity and imagination.

Agree with us? Then, get your hands on this fun and quirky sticker you can put on your phone, laptop, or any digital screen. Buy it now.

Product Information
SIZE – 3×3 (inches)
FINISH – Matte

The artwork will be digitally printed on a vinyl sticker with a matte finish. It is easy to remove and residue-free.

– Goods and Services Tax is charged on the product price.

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