Once You Learn To Read, You Will Be Forever Free

Once You Learn To Read, You Will Be Forever Free


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Made of plastic with collapsible form and a perfect grip, this pop socket is a great way to ensure that you can use your phone without dropping it.  Stick it to your phone and use it as a grip, stand, mount or wind your earphones around it. Prop it up.

  • Collapsible Form – Pull out to form a stand or collapse it and slide it in your pocket. Made from impact-resistant material, reinforced for extra strength.
  • Lasting Prints – Printed with high-definition inks and equipment to ensure the prints last a lifetime with the highest possible standard.
  • Compatible – Compatible with all mobile phones, tablets, e-readers and other devices.
  • Strong Adhesive – Adhesive on the back sticks to your phone like it’s own. It provides the perfect grip and yet does not leave any mark when removed.


Bid adieu to the pain of your smartphone falling flat on your face, the next time you are staying up late, reading your Kindle books, binge-watching your favourite show on Netflix or texting your crush.

This pop socket is inspired by Frederick Douglass’s quote on reading. Freedom is more than a physical state. It’s more than a binary proposition of being either free or not. Freedom comes in various degrees. And the more knowledge/information a child, or any person, for that matter, can acquire during their lifetime, enables them to become freer than before. Like Frederick Douglass says, Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh and King’s College London tested 1,890 pairs of twins five times from ages 7 to 16 for IQ and reading abilities. During the test, they found that children with better reading ability {compared with their twins} also showed higher verbal and nonverbal cognitive ability. This means that while reading may help people to remember facts, it also enables them to practice abstract thinking through the process of imagining a book’s plot and putting oneself in the shoes of characters. What are you reading today?

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