Reading in Bed


Our canvas prints made with PolyCanvas fabric offer a timeless elegance to any space. They boast structural stability, preventing sagging or warping, and are supported by a sturdy wooden frame.

How do you take care of these prints?

Please refrain from touching the printed area. Whenever possible, avoid handling any part of the page that has been printed on, and if feasible, use gloves to prevent unwanted damage.

Light: Keep your artwork away from direct sunlight, especially south-facing light, as prolonged exposure may cause the print to turn yellow.

Humidity: Maintain a relative humidity level between 35 and 55%. Excessive or low humidity can lead to mold or insect damage.

Temperature: Avoid hanging these prints near extreme heat or cold sources, such as radiators or air conditioners.

Pollution: To preserve these prints, protect them from dust, dirt, and pollutants. Light dust can be removed with a clean, dry cloth.

The images provided are for illustrative purposes only.
Please ensure that you verify the sizes before making a decision.

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In this captivating illustration, the serene beauty of a new day unfolds as a woman finds solace in the simple pleasures of reading, sunrise, and a cup of tea. The scene comes to life with soft, gentle strokes as the woman reclines in bed, her favorite book in hand, her gaze fixed on the horizon outside the window.

As the sun rises, casting a warm, golden glow across the landscape, the woman’s face is bathed in soft light, illuminating her features with a quiet radiance. A sense of tranquility permeates the room as she sips her tea, the steam rising from the cup-like wisps of morning mist.

Outside the window, the world awakens with the promise of a new day as the sky transforms from darkness to hues of pink and orange. Birds chirp softly in the distance, their song a sweet melody that accompanies the gentle rustle of leaves in the morning breeze.

Whether displayed in a cozy bedroom or a sunlit reading nook, this illustration is a timeless reminder of the simple joys that enrich our lives – the beauty of nature, the pleasure of a good book, and the comfort of a warm cup of tea.


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