An Hour Spent Reading Is One Stolen From Paradise


Elevate your literary flair with our collection of button badges! Each one features iconic quotes, beloved characters, and timeless bookish motifs. Whether you’re a devoted bibliophile or a casual reader, our badges add a touch of literary charm to your attire, bags, or accessories. Embrace your bookish passion today!

This artwork will be digitally printed on a matte vinyl sticker. It is easy to remove and residue-free.

Product Information

Size: The button has a circumference of 5 cm, with 4 cm used for printing the design
Glossy Finish
Rust free product with attached pin

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Dive into the realm of literary bliss with our exquisite buttons bearing the profound words of Thomas Wharton: “An hour spent reading is one stolen from paradise.” These buttons encapsulate the essence of the joyous escape found within the pages of a book.

Crafted with elegance and precision, each button is a miniature work of art, designed to adorn your attire or accessories with grace. Whether pinned to your jacket lapel or adorning your favorite tote bag, these buttons serve as a charming reminder of the infinite pleasures of reading.

So, embrace the wisdom of Thomas Wharton and let our literary buttons transport you to a realm of enchantment and imagination. Revel in the stolen moments of paradise found within the pages of your favorite books.


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